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What does "NEONY" mean and how do you pronounce it? 

The term originates from blending "NEO," signifying innovation, and "N.Y." representing New York, resulting in the pronunciation "neo-nee." In essence, our vision encompasses a novel interpretation of New York-style pizza that harmoniously fuses elements of both the Big Apple and Neapolitan traditions. Our dough undergoes an extended fermentation process with increased hydration, while baking involves higher temperatures and shorter times. Ultimately, our end product is a pizza with an effortlessly digestible crust, boasting a delightful balance of chewiness and crispness, setting it apart from any previous culinary experience.

Do you make "half and half" pizzas?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any half-and- half pizzas.

Do you deliver?  

Yes, you can order delivery through our delivery partner UBER Eats.

How about online orders for pick-up?  

That's easy!  Simply click on PICK UP ORDER tabs that's on this website or click on this link:

How big is your pizza?

We offer one size, measuring 12 inches in diameter, which can be likened to a medium-sized pizza.

Do you offer gluten free?
Yes. You have the choice to opt for our cauliflower dough from Venice Beach Bakery for an additional charge of $4.

Do you offer specials and how can we get info?

To stay updated with our latest announcements and special offers, we exclusively share information through our Instagram account - FOLLOW US and stay updated!


Currently, we do not offer reservations but if you are interested in reserving for a party, please contact us directly at:

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at:

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